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5 Morning Rituals to Start ASAP

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Waking up can be a grueling task. “5 more minutes, Mom!” But unfortunately, it has to be done. Here are 5 morning rituals that have helped me become a better “morning person”.

  1. Drink a tall glass of water. First thing when you wake up drink 8-10oz of water. This will help rehydrate you from the 6-9 hours without water you just experienced. Additionally, by adding a lemon and a pinch of sea-salt, it will help kick start your metabolism!
  2. See the light! As soon as you can, open a window or step outside to expose yourself to some sun. This will help your internal clock register that it is indeed time to wake up.
  3. Repeat your mantra. Find a quote or phrase that resonates with you and put you in the mood to conquer your day. Mindfulness tasks like this have been shown to improve peoples mood and productivity throughout their day.
  4. Stretch. Not only can this improve your mobility, but it will improve circulation and increase your energy to help you feel like being a morning person isn’t as bad as you thought.
  5. Eat breakfast. Now, don’t go thinking “but I am doing intermittent fasting”. Most people don’t eat enough throughout the day which causes them to binge at night or experience the mid afternoon crash. By eating breakfast you are properly fueling yourself and helping to avoid the midnight snack that may add a few pounds to your frame.

Having a morning ritual has the added benefit of making you look forward to waking up because you get to do some healthful things that make you feel your best. And by feeling your best you will be more productive and a happier and healthier human.

Keep an eye out for the night time rituals blog coming soon, until then here’s a FREE TIP: To insure you  start your morning with a glass of water, put it on the night stand when you go to bed or keep a glass in your bathroom to fill from the sink. : )

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