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A word from the new coach

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As most of you know we have a new coach programming for the Rx classes. Ryan McCarthy is a CF L1 certified coach and has certs in strongman, rowing and adaptive as well. She will be getting her CF L2 certification in the Spring of 2018.

Ryan has been doing Crossfit since 2009. She found Crossfit in college, during her time on the crew team at Yale. She quickly found a passion for coaching as it naturally came to her when her teammates and friends asked for coaching advice.
Below is a message from Coach Ryan about her programming style.
“While I haven’t met very many of you yet (I look forward to) my name is Ryan and I am writing this cycle of programming for Heroes Journey Fitness Rx classes. Because it is often hard to see the bigger picture of programming, I wanted you all to have a picture of who I am and how I program.
As a programmer, I like to integrate the best available knowledge and methodologies in the industry. Many of us stuck with this fitness for time thing because we liked the feeling of being sweaty and fulfilled at the end. And sweaty you shall be, but in balance with moving well, learning new skills, and getting strong. My goal is to make this a journey that is fun and supports everyone’s longevity.
Now onto this cycle:
This cycle is anchored on a few key training days:
  • a strict pull/ deadlift day
  • an oly focus once a week alternating between snatch and clean and jerk
  • touching on all three energy pathways (sprints, medium length, looong)
While there are not daily focuses (every Monday won’t be DL day, for example) you will see the pattern to our training emerge. This is in order to provide all of our heroes with the best training experience and avoid any schedule-restritive biasing.
The heart of the CrossFit methodology is general physical preparedness. In this cycle, we will integrate different variations of movements and workout structures with the goal of an increase in capacity across the board. Not just stronger, but faster, more agile and more confidence in the ability to handle whatever ends up on the whiteboard. Bring your A-game to each class and you will see improvements. Reflect on days you skip because there’s a movement that’s a weakness and challenge yourself to get into class and try. A wise man once said we fail at the edges of our experience. Embrace each day, push your boundaries, and reap the rewards.
To your success,
If you have any questions for the new coach you can reach out to Ryan at