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Do you have accountability problems?

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At Heroes Journey Fitness, we think it is important to ask our clients what THEY think they need to do in order to succeed in nutrition and fitness. We ask this because our job is to simply guide; not be all-knowing gurus. People’s answer to this question is almost always “I feel like I need accountability to succeed”. We understand this. Our goal over time is to help everyone develop their OWN accountability system so that motivation comes from within, and not from external sources. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we support and guide our clients towards that end!


1. Schedule your exercise and nutrition like it’s a meeting you cannot miss: This one is quite simple, but effective. Clear time in your schedule for the exact same times, on the exact same days for when you will be going to the gym. All you have to do is show up and get the work done. Scheduling can apply to nutrition, as well. We like to build upon small habits which can easily be set as reminders on your calendar. For example…if you know when you eat lunch every day, put a reminder on your phone to chew each bite 15 times, or to put your fork down between bites. Regardless of how you like to operate- having your calendar to remind you of what you’ve decided to implement as a long term habit can really help!

2. Find a buddy: Misery loves company. Joking. Working out is not misery- well for some people it is. Regardless, whether you love or hate working out, sweating with a friend can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Even if you are not doing the same workout, you can still workout side by side. Cultivating bonds forged with hard work and similar goals can make a big difference in your consistency with habit and behavior development. Be careful though- at the end of the day, you still have to show up, even if your friend doesn’t…

3. Find your reason: Not everyone is in love with working out. Not everyone comes to the gym just to come to the gym. It is VITAL that you can investigate what drives your decision to spend time and money at the gym. It’s not enough to want to lose 10lb or to run a 5k. You must go deeper than that. How? Well- ask yourself WHY you want to lose weight. Based on that answer…ask WHY again…and again, and again, until you get to a deeper answer than just “lose fat”. You might be surprised at how much emotion is actually involved in the process that actually got you to come into the gym- you may find that those emotions are the key to what will KEEP you coming back to the gym and eating healt

4. Keep this in mind any time you think you might give up: “Don’t wake up a year from now wondering where you’d be if you KEPT GOING”. Enough said.

5. Start small: Regardless of your level of motivation, the end goal for most people is sustained longevity within fitness and nutrition lifestyle. To us, this means introducing small changes and building upon them over a long period of time. Think of ONE thing you can do TODAY and over the course of two weeks that you can stick to 9 out of 10 times. This could mean moving for 30 minutes per day, sitting down to eat one meal per day, or anything else that is sustainable 95% of the time…and then…BUILD UP the difficulty of the habit. It’s all about slowly leveling up.


Well, there you have it- some simple ideas on how to start your fitness/nutrition journey and how to actually STICK with it. If you need any help with your accountability, please e-mail us at