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Don’t ever skip your breakfast!

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You wouldn’t dare skip leg day, so why are you skipping breakfast?!

Let’s start from the beginning. Breakfast is breaking the fast of not eating while you’re sleeping. And hopefully if you’re sleeping enough,  7+ hours is a long time to go without food. Eating breakfast is the most important thing you can do to stop your mid day crash, or rev up your metabolism.

If you struggle with low energy, eating breakfast can help. Your body and brain need glucose to use as fuel to function properly. After fasting all night, your body has used a lot, if not all, of your readily available energy and therefore you need to replace it! If you are skipping breakfast your metabolism will slow down in order to burn less fuel. This means that your body is probably not doing all the normal functions (i.e. hormone production) that it should be doing thus potentially risking your health as well. And it might even be the reason those few extra lbs just wont go!

But now you’re probably thinking “well I just don’t have time to eat breakfast”. And to that I call the male cow’s poop. You’ve heard of people who meal prep (and you might even be one of them) so why should breakfast be any different? Meal prep for breakfast! Here are 3 ideas for your next breakfast meal prep!

  1. Overnight oats! These are one of my favorites! And a perfect reason to break out all those mason jars you bought because you thought you were going to be “hip” but then never used. For overnight oats, I suggest buying the big container of unflavored oats “original”. Measure out 1/2 cup of oats, 3/4 cup of your favorite non-dairy milk (mines unsweetened coconut milk, but almond milk also does the trick). Add this to your mason jar. Then top it off with some fresh fruit or berries. Looking for some extra protein? Add some plain greek yogurt or a scoop of your favorite protein powder (just add extra milk, 1 cup instead of 3/4 cup). Leave this in your fridge overnight and MAGICALLY you have breakfast in the morning! You can even take it go because it’s in your fancy mason jar! Just don’t forget a spoon 😉 **These will last 2-3 days before getting too mushy in my opinion.
  2. Egg muffins! This one is good! Anything you put in your normal egg omelet can go into an egg muffin (spinach, peppers, mushrooms, cheese). Start with 2 eggs per muffin hole (so if you have a muffin tray that makes 6 muffins, that’s 12 eggs), beat those in a large bowl and add in your favorite toppings. Spray the muffin holes with non-stick cooking spray, then pour into the muffin holes. Bake the muffins at 350F for 20-25 mins until the eggs are cooked. Then in the morning grab 1 or 2 from the fridge and eat them! You can also freeze these for a much later date.
  3. Smoothies! Those mason jars are finally going to good use. Break another one out and put all your favorite berries and greens in the jar along with a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Then put the jar in the fridge. The next morning all you have to do is throw it in the blender with some water or almond milk and you got yourself a smoothie! My personal favorite is 1 banana, 1 TBSP of almond butter, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 cup of almond milk and a bunch of baby spinach. The best part… you can’t taste the spinach at all!

Overnight oats, egg muffins, smoothies, OH MY! (sorry couldn’t resist!) Now you have no excuse to not eat breakfast. Your body will thank you later and you’ll have all the energy to last until lunch. You might even lose a little weight! How cool is that?!