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Heroes Nutrition Challenge

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Did the CrossFit Open excite you? Maybe it showed you what it really takes to call yourself a CrossFit athlete. Or maybe you realized you have some Rx movements but your engine could be better. Whatever it was, you see room for improvement and that is exciting because next year you will be better!

But whether you want to admit it to yourself or you’re choosing to ignore the facts, there are a lot of other factors that play a huge role in your performance inside the gym. If your nutrition, stress, and behavioral habits are subpar, your performance in the gym will suffer.

So if you are excited to see where you will be in 2018, start TODAY by focusing on your nutrition with our 30 day kick start! This challenge will include help on understand what healthy nutrition looks like as well as tips for stress management, sleep hygiene and much more!

The Details: Sign up by April 15th! The 30 day challenge starts April 17th.  Heroes members pay $69. Outside members pay $99  (includes a FREE month of our Bootcamp classes!)

Not convinced yet? Are you thinking ‘challenges rarely work long term for me’? We suggest getting a support team! We will have a supportive Facebook group as well as weekly meetings for constant communication and learning. However, to make this the best challenge yet, we need your help to grow the group. So we will take $20 off the challenge fee if you bring one or more friends to the group!

Become your own Superhero and sign up TODAY for the Heroes Nutrition Challenge starting April 17th!

Questions? Feel free to reach out by email: or give us a call at: (862) 245-2381

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