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Memory Monday: Falling off the Wagon

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This week on #memorymonday we are going back to a blog by Chris. In this post he talks about how we inevitably fall off the wagon and how to stop that cycle. His biggest step to staying on the wagon for life: get a coach. Hope you enjoy this read. ~Meg

Everyone has heard of the proverbial wagon. You know, the one everyone tries so hard to get on and then they sometimes “fall off of the wagon.” This wagon sounds more like a bucking bronco or mechanical bull than an actual wagon to me. However, all lame jokes aside, I am going to help provide some guidance as to how you can stay on the wagon and get back on if/when you fall off.

The toughest aspect about making a big change in your life is nearly always starting. It’s scary and can seem very daunting. Often people see the end goal, realize how long it might take to get there, and then never step foot on the journey. However, once you do start and step onto the wagon, it’s important to take a couple of steps to give you the best chance at staying on it.

  1. Get a coach: This is the best way to help you stay on the wagon. A coach can help guide you every step of the way. A good coach can see the hurdles coming and help guide you over them. A coach can’t get over the hurdles or knock down those walls for you, but the guidance a good coach can provide is both extremely helpful and empowering. It is also the ultimate form of accountability as he or she can directly see whether or not you are holding up your end of the bargain as it pertains to achieving your goals.
  2. Develop a community: A community is a group of people that can help hold you down on the wagon. They can help keep you accountable and often do it in a loving and caring way because they are not just people in the building, but also a great group of friends.
  3. Create lifestyle changes: This is a very misunderstood part of the process. The reason why many people do a 30-day challenge, experience success, and then “fall of the wagon” is often because they don’t realize or don’t accept that the habits they held during the challenge have to remain habits if they want to continue to experience success. In addition, create habits around these changes. For example, if you know you have a weakness for eating Oreos, then don’t buy Oreos and put them in your house. Set up a day to meal prep, put it in your calendar, and don’t let anything be scheduled during that time. These are just two examples of how you can create lifestyle changes.

Once you make a change, there is always the chance that you will lose focus. When people lose focus and fall off of the wagon, unfortunately many never get back on. It is important to accept that you MAY fall off the wagon and get off track because it is part of the natural ebbs and flows of life, BUT the consistently successful people are the ones who get back on.  Here are a couple of ways to help get back on the wagon:

  1. Be kind to yourself: Many people beat themselves up for falling off of the wagon and thus never get back on. The expectation they have for themselves is perfection, which is both unfair and unrealistic, and then when perfection is not achieved they self-sabotage because they either consciously or subconsciously believe that they don’t deserve the success that they seek. The key, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not being perfect and get back in there.
  2. Get a coach: Again, this is huge. A coach will know that you have fallen off the wagon, can help hear out what is going on, can help talk through the issues, and then he or she can inspire you to pick up right where you left off.
  3. Reassess your goals: Often people set goals because it is something they think they are “supposed to do” or because it’s the newest cool trend. This makes these goals simply unattainable because they are not goals that you intrinsically want. Someone or something is projecting onto you what you “should” be doing. This creates a wagon that you not only will not stay on, but one that you cannot get back on. The key here is to simply sit and TRULY assess what you want and based on THAT vision create your goals. This will make goals that you truly want to achieve which will better motivate you to stay committed and get back on the wagon if you fall off.

So utilize these tools to help you stay focused on your goals and to get back on track if you do in-fact lose focus. If you have any questions about anything in this article or would like further clarification/guidance you can email and ask to set up a consult with either Thomas or myself.