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#MemoryMonday: What is the BEST diet?

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This week in the #MemoryMonday reblog we have an oldie but a goodie from the Wiz, Thomas, talking to us about the best diet for you! And what a perfect way to start out our Spring Heroes Nutrition Challenge. Enjoy!


Our clients always want to know, “what is the best diet??”. We absolutely love this question because the answer is simple, and it opens up a whole new perspective for people about nutrition and what it means for them.

So, what is it? What is the BEST diet?

Well, to be frank, there isn’t one! It doesn’t exist! There’s just no such thing. This might seem unfortunate at first, but because all of our bodies and lifestyles are different, we require an individual approach for our own personal success. We should consider ourselves lucky that there is NOT one singular best way to eat, because what if you were allergic to some of the foods? What if your schedule didn’t permit you to cook?

Let’s take a closer look at why a singular “best” approach to nutrition doesn’t work…

  1. Body type. Our bodies come in many shapes and sizes. Tall, short, stocky, thin, and everything in between. How could one BEST diet possibly fit the dietary needs of so many different body types?
  2. Exercise. Activity level plays a huge role in a nutrition plan. It’s obvious that people have different levels of movement and exercise. What works for a high performing athlete could have devastating effects on someone who is just getting off of the couch after 50 years!
  3. Preference. Food is not just fuel. People PREFER different foods over others because of culture, experience, religion, and genetics!
  4. Money. Not everyone can afford to shop for organic foods and meats. A lot of people simply cannot fit quality foods into their budget. This should never stop someone from still creating solid nutrition choices in their lives!
  5. Lifestyle. Some people eat on the go. Others can meditate over their meal for twenty minutes before consuming. Nutrition advice needs to be workable for people with all different kinds of lifestyles and schedules!

This is only a snapshot of the differences that make up the need for customized nutrition advice and practices, but as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot to consider. If anything, this should give hope to people who have tried different nutrition protocols only to be disappointed while seeing other people succeed. It probably wasn’t your fault after all.

You’re probably thinking, “this all makes sense, but now the question is, what is the best diet for me?”. At Heroes Journey Fitness, we believe with the right coach, that question can finally be answered for you. Many of our clients have tried diet after diet with only limited success, or temporary results. Our coaches care, listen, and provide the kind of support and insight that proves to be effective and long lasting. You deserve the results you want. If you’ve been stuck before with either nutrition or exercise, let us help you!

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