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My Fitness Journey: Kim L.

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Kim L. has been a member here with her husband for a year now. Kim is always a joy to have in class and instantly puts a smile on everyone’s face. She has had amazing success as a hero. Here is Kim’s fitness journey.

I was reading a post from one of the HJ members the other day and it really hit home and started me thinking…


My husband, Keith, and I started at HJ in March of 2016.  When I started I was overweight, not in any type of real shape, and completely scared of even walking in the building.  Keith had stopped by while he was working and signed himself up.  On his first night, he was doing “intro” classes (back then you had to do one-on-one with a coach for 5 sessions), he had un-officially signed me up for the class in hopes that I would join him in his quest to become fit.  I went to the class and was very intimidated by everyone that was there.  Being a person who has been plus size for most of my life, seeing all these young men and women who were insanely fit just about had me walking right back out the door.  Needless to say, I did commit and signed up.  Those first few months were very hard and still very intimidating.  Each time we went I felt that I was making a fool out of myself.  But with the guidance of the coaches and, of course, support from Keith, I went back each and every time and did my best.  


The post I read was about a “plus size” woman who has been going to a CrossFit Gym for over 2 years.  She is still considered “plus size” by many standards but, like myself, has lost close to 50 lbs.  Again, like her, I was very intimidated by all the “skinny” women and men that I attended class with.  But I have learned that when you walk through the doors of HJ, all judgement is left outside.  The coaches and members of HJ welcomed us with open arms and never made me feel anything but pure love and acceptance.  I have always had a lack of self-confidence when it came to my size.  HJ is the one place where I truly feel that no matter what your size, your physical capability, or your lack of, your personal goals are what matters the most.   There is no time limit on how long it takes you to “master” a move, the coaches and members are there to see you do your best and to help you achieve those goals!  I have found that it doesn’t matter what is on the outside, yeah, I guess it is the ultimate goal for everyone, but being at HJ is so much more than that.  It is also what is on the inside to them.  And, slowly, my inner demons have been silenced by the encouragement I have received, the high-fives I have received, the cheers I have received, and by the overwhelming feeling of truly feeling good about myself I have felt since coming to HJ.


Now, at almost a year and a half in, I am completely hooked!  I love coming, even though sometimes I think Chris is insane with the workouts he gives us.  I feel, more than ever, that everyone is like a family and truly care about each and every person that comes through those doors.  During the past six months, after the Open Challenge, I started having problems with my shoulder.  In the end, I have found out I have a significant tear in my rotator cuff.  Surgery may be in my future, but the coaches have been awesome in how they scale things for me, personalize workouts for ones I cannot do, and keep pushing me when I want to give up because of my frustrations.  And knowing that there, again, is no judgement by anyone in the fact that I have to do things scaled, is a huge thing to me!  I know that no matter what path I take, I will have a great support system to not only get my shoulder working again, but to not let me give up!  


Lastly, this journey has not only made me physically, mentally, and all around a better person, it has become a family affair.  HJ opened their arms and welcomed my son, Zach.  He has been coming in preparation of going to Boot Camp for the US Air Force at the end of the summer.  To see how everyone has opened their arms and their hearts to him has been more than a mother could ever ask for.  Seeing how the coaches and members interact with him and accept him for him, just always make my heart fill with love and puts a big smile on my face.  Knowing that when he does leave that I will have another support group from every at HJ makes it a little easier to let him go!


I cannot say enough about Heroes Journey and what they mean to me.  Walking through those doors last year has definitely been one of the best things I have ever done in my life!


Thank you 😊

Kim Lefferts

If you would like to share your fitness journey, please email with pictures!