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My Fitness Journey: Megan M.

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In 2013 I graduated from college with a biology degree [I played volleyball in college too, but only for 2 years]. I, like many people my age, struggled to find a job, therefore, I got a front desk job at my local YMCA. Since we were members there, my mom said “now that you’re working there, I challenge you to come to fitness classes with me. And if you lose weight, I’ll give you something.” [Guys, I’m all about presents, definitely a love language So! I’m in!] We took spin classes, I started using MyFitnessPal [admittedly, wrong, but I didn’t know better then], and I started to lose weight. I was loving it. For the first time, I saw real changes and I got my present.


Then, I got my first biology related job and I had to move 3 hours away, so going to the gym with my mom was not going to happen. I was working with shellfish down in south Jersey and I lived on a biological field station [for you non-nerds, that’s where all the research happens and typically where the biologists live while doing research as well] in the middle of nowhere! But I found a YMCA that was 30 mins away and decided that I would go there since that’s where I had success before. I had already lost 20 lbs so I couldn’t quit. So, like I said, I was living on this field station, living with other biology research technicians, one of whom was doing the CrossFit, Sarah. I knew nothing about it except that it was a thing and I was pretty sure Sarah was crazy. Sarah tried several times a week to get me to try CrossFit at her “box” but I did some googling and I couldn’t afford a membership so why would I try it. So I mainly stuck to running and occasionally lifting a weight on a machine.


Finally, my seasonal biology job had ended, I was accepted into grad school and moved to Texas. The apartment complex that I moved into had a gym, and it was actually pretty nice, but very quickly, became boring and lonely. At this point Sarah and I were good friends and she’s still texting me about CrossFit and how the community was the best part [all I heard, was FRIENDS]. So I googled “CrossFit gyms [scratch that] CrossFit boxes near me”. I found two places in my town. I showed up at one, no one was there. So I went to the next one, couldn’t find it. So I called the number, the owner picks up and nearly laughs at me for saying “I couldn’t find it” and gives me an idea of where they actually are. [Yep, I basically drove through it, without noticing, so he had every right to laugh]. He tells me that they have free workouts on Saturdays and I could try it out then.


Saturday comes, I go to workout. I partnered with a girl and I told her I was new, so showed me the moves. But she also told me that they had free community workouts on wednesday for newbs like me. I was excited, and went to that the next Wednesday. There I fell in love, and not so much with the workout, but the people! Everyone was so nice and supportive and they thought I was good at it! So I signed up that night [haha, impulsive, I know].


After my fundamentals, I started going to classes 3x a week, because I didn’t think I could handle more at the time. The owner, Sam, asked about my fitness goals. I told him I wanted to do things I couldn’t do as a kid [pull ups, handstands, and climb a rope]. So he gave me supplemental work and tracked me down after every class to ask if I did my pull ups yet [the answer was always no, so I would do drills then]. Finally, when I got my first pull up, I was hooked. I watched the CrossFit games in awe that summer, I watch past games and regional events, I started listen to podcasts about CrossFit [I not only drank the cool-aid, I got drunk on it].


Quickly, I up-ed my game. I was doing classes 5-6 times per week and going to all the events my box had. And really, the rest is herstory. I’m stronger than ever, fitter than ever, and I love my body more than ever. I owe a lot to my friend Sarah for pushing me to try this crazy fitness thing because without her I wouldn’t be where I am today [coaching CrossFit classes and running marketing here at HJF].

**Pictures: Far Left: 2013 pre-any working out, Middle Left: 2013 after running a bunch, down 20 lbs. Middle Right: 2015, a year into CrossFit doing a Spartan Race, Far Right: 2017 the 2017 Open 17.3**

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