Success Stories


At Heroes Journey, your own "hero" stories are what we most love to hear. As your guides on the CrossFit journey, we really appreciate knowing about the difference we’ve made in your life. Tell us your success story, and we’ll share it around our virtual campfire.
  • Liz Gilroy

    I struggled with pretty much everything. Nutrition was in the toilet, I did not eat well, which has totally changed since I started here. I’ve become more focused on eating healthier, cleaner. My biggest struggle was actually getting off the couch to actually do anything. We had all kinds of stuff in our basement I could use to workout… I never used it because I never had somebody telling me to do this, do that. So this kind of environment is what I needed.

  • Cori Eggert and David Rhymers

    Both of us have been CrossFitting for about 2-3 years now and we were kind of at a standstill with our performance so we looked for a change. We looked around in the area and heard nothing but good reviews about this place. We like the coaches and the positive attitude. You get a variety of coaches, they all have different backgrounds, different knowledge and they all just want to see everyone get better. And they have such positive attitudes, always smiling, they care about you and you feel welcomed every time you come.

  • Katelyn Kung

    Before Heroes Journey, I was working out to burn calories. I had no concept of fitness. When I came across Heroes Journey, it totally blew my mind. My life did a 180 when it came to fitness. I never thought of myself as someone who was physically fit, I have zero fitness background. But Heroes Journey taught me how to move, taught me the right exercises and movements to do to see results. I have fitness goals now I never would have imagined.

  • Lite Group Class

    I had recently gone through knee surgery, and I found it very difficult to walk and I had met Dr. Chris at a health fair. And he convinced me to join Heroes Journey. My goal was basically just to get my knees back into shape so I could walk for my friend, who now with ALS, cannot walk. Now, because of Heroes Journey, I am running half marathons. – Deb Van Fleet

  • Carrie Parikh

    If you commit to just walking in the door, and you meet some of the wonderful people that are a part of this community and you do just one workout with us, you will see in that short amount of time all of the value that this place has to offer.

  • Joe Kenny

    Working out at home, it wasn’t a matter of if I would get hurt, it was when. Something could always happen. And so I was constantly going to chiropractors and whom ever else I could find to fix all my problems. Now since working with Coach Thomas, I have a much less rate of injury, I don’t have the sort of aches and pains that I had. My core is incredibly strong compared to when I walked in and I think that has contributed to the aches and pains going away and life becoming easier.


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