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We All Have A Story To Tell…

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Let’s be real ladies and gentlemen, I am a nerd. Not in the sense of doing math quickly or photographic memories or even straight As. I am the type of nerd that regularly listens to NPR, podcasts, and enjoys learning. Therefore, I have come up with a great idea to combine my nerdy attributes in a fun competition. Here it is.


NPR hosts the Moth Radio hour. This is where people from all walks of life tell short stories letting you into their life for a brief time and hopefully taking something away from it. The storytellers are selected to tell their stories at Moth events. At the events there is a theme for the night and audience chooses a winner. The winner moves on to a Grand Slam to compete against other winners.


Anyway, I want to “host” a blog version of this. So here are the rules:

  1. The theme is “my fitness journey”. This can be anything from your childhood career in soccer or gymnastics to how you found CrossFit. The idea is to be creative and relatable to your audience. And since this is the first competition, it obviously has to be a Heroes theme (2/3 of our name).
  2. You must write the blog yourself, about yourself. No made up stories here. Tell the truth, it’s always more powerful. Please also include a picture or two that tie into your story.
  3. Submit your blogs via email to by Monday, June 26th at 7:00PM. Your blog will be posted on our website for everyone to read.
  4. Vote. In addition to posting them on the website, we will post the blogs on the windows in the lobby of the gym. You can place your vote with me at the front desk.


I am expecting to learn a lot about everyone who participates. We see each other every day for at least and hour but how much do we really know about each other. I am hoping this will make our community that much closer because we will all know a little more about the person squatting next to us.


OH! And there will be a prize for the winner. TBA. 😉 Good luck!


Much love,