An empowerment curriculum for students who want to change the world


To empower change makers around the world to find their voice and share what makes their heart sing


To teach children:

To take a stand for something they care about

Vital social emotional life skills/tools

To overcome fears and discover hidden gifts

How to create a movement

To deliver a presentation to their school/community (and sometimes the world) about an issue they're passionate about


The power of words is that a life can be launched with as little as a single phrase, an uplifted word or an act of kindness. Think of the power we wield and the impact we can make if we become more intentional about encouraging our children. Our words are the very things that help create future dreams.


Because of technology and the rapid rate of information exchange in today’s world, children are facing insurmountable pressures.

Some of the biggest issues children face are: identity crises, sexual pressures, drugs/ alcohol, bullying, competition, poverty, living up to a future they may not know how to create, global issues, overwhelm....

Children often feel like don’t have anywhere to turn, in order to handle these pressures and direct treatment of these pressures are often ineffective.

Forbes claims that one of the most damaging inhibitors that stand between children becoming leaders, include: We don’t let our children experience risk.... Heroes Journey is all about taking personal risks but carefully, at a slow, healthy pace with professional veteran educators through a process of self-discovery.


Students build their own journey and develop meaningful life tools that support them in delivering their self-created talk to an audience.

Using 12 important power keystones, the course takes a journey through self-reflection, inner leadership, world issues, and the ability to reach out and touch people through inspired voice and powerful presence.

As kids learn these important keystones, they also build the blocks for their talk.

After the course is completed, the children present their talks to family, friends, school, community and sometimes, to the world.

Schools can submit recommended talks to to showcase for the world.



HEROES JOURNEY was founded by a group of women who make up a perfect combo of: veteran education experience, brand marketing and global business development success. These women got together over a common desire to uplift the world by helping youth learn more empowering tools in school, by connecting them with their inner change makers.


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