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About us

heroes journey is...

an empowerment curriculum with 12 keystones that unifies the classroom, as students journey through self-discovery about their passions, learn all about it together, and compile / present a powerful talk for their community (and sometimes the world!)

a collective of change makers. experts in their field, who speak at schools / events with an intention to elevate awareness about social issues students face

our approach

Heroes Journey offers educators an in-depth social emotional curriculum that leads students on a journey of self-discovery with an end goal of overcoming a big fear - public speaking.  

Students travel through 12 keystones, which are life tools that aim to ignite passion, voice, connection, fearlessness, inner leadership, knowledge of world issues, powerful presence and more. 

As these keystones are experienced, the students build writing blocks for a presentation about something for which they  take a stand. The keystones and blocks prepare students to tackle and support their fears.

At the end, students present their talks to the community. Educators and parents have the ability to submit their favorite talks to Heroes Journey for students to possibly be selected for Heroes Journey’s annual Change Maker Summit.



Featured stories

Body Shaming

By Jaspreet


Equal Rights

Charlie at St. Mark School, VENICE.


Heroes Journey Testimonials

From students around the world



our team of collectives...

are passionate people dedicated to making empowerment content.

  • Tara is a longtime public and private school educator who teaches and leads through an approach that combines both intuition and researched best practices. Mrs. Thomas currently presents workshops in literacy instruction through Momentum in Teaching, a professional development company she co-founded in 2010.

  • Morgan began exploring careers in education when she realized the lack of passion in our future workforce and fell in love with the idea of preparing our children with social emotional skills. Morgan has trained and led international Heroes Journey workshops with  teachers in Malaysia and Thailand.  She continues to operate as the backbone to the international activities and expansion of the curriculum.

  • Kristin has spent her career establishing herself as a best-in-class within the entertainment industry. Kristin has been instrumental in launching some of the most notables brands in show business: Survivor, Apprentice, Biggest Loser, Jimmy Kimmel Live as she’s helped cast, produce, celebrity book for over 30+ popular shows. Kristin launched the Entertainment Relations division for WWE and retains a SVP position.

  • Charley received his Masters of Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and is a California Licensed Family Therapist (LMFT). Charley teaches mindfulness to both adults and children in group settings such as schools, corporate workplaces, and medical treatment facilities. Charley has received extensive training in mindfulness practice and its application in psychotherapy.

  • Eric’s career spans over 20 years in media production. His sense of “what’s next” has won him advertising campaigns with global brands such as Lexus, Corona, Nike and Red Bull, NBA and NFL, and networks such as ESPN, TLC, Disney and Hallmark. During his tenure, Eric has created a collective network of media professionals who create original, socially conscious content, which elevates brands and cultivates good humans worldwide.

  • Alison is an Australian physiotherapist. She worked for many years developing novel education curriculums for patients suffering with chronic pain conditions. Alison is a curriculum advisor for Heroes Journey

  • Ali Marshall is an educator, innovator, and life-long learner who is excited to be working with Heroes Journey. Since graduating from Ohio University in 2020 with a single subject language arts education credential, Ali has been teaching in the Los Angeles area for the past three years. Ali believes in a holistic teaching approach and prides herself on teaching students how to make connections to real world concepts within literature and their own lives. In joining the Heroes Journey team, Ali is looking forward to sharing with other teachers the power of this curriculum and its benefit to students’ learning

  • Matt Berthot Lead Teacher
  • Rae Toledo Lead Teacher
  • Becca Rasko Lead Teacher
  • Han Yee Lead Teacher
  • Karis Hansen is in 8th grade at St. Mark. She has run through the Heroes Journey curriculum two times and has given various notes, exercises and videos to the curriculum since 2nd grade. Her two HJ talks were about Overcoming Shyness and Taking Care of the Homeless. Karis launched the heroes challenge in 2019 challenging teachers to challenge their students to do good deeds.

  • Murphey is a proud member of the HJ team. He has been involved with his own talks in elementary school and now in middle school. He was inspired by hearing from his classmates things he would of never known. He has written talks to inspire about the inequality in sports in the US. watching the best athletes he played with not be able to continue for lack of funds for club fees.

  • Eva is senior in Highschool and has been involved in Heroes Journey since 2020 advising on relevant content and current events pertaining to the curriculum and social media, she has found inspiration

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.”

— Oprah Winfrey

What we do

Heroes Journey activates future leaders & change makers by creating a platform for young leaders to connect and present ideas that inspire, empower and enlighten the world, on a global stage.



  • passion
  • vulnerability
  • stories
  • perspective
  • connection
  • listen
  • grit
  • intention
  • courage
  • confidence
  • gratitude
  • celebration
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CM Summit

2024 change maker summit

Heroes Journey is hosting it’s 1st annual Change Maker Summit in 2024.

Schools submit their favorite talks (By April15th). Finalists will be chosen to fly out to Los Angeles to present to the community. One Change Maker of the year will be awarded a scholarship donation!

People will forget what you said… what you did… but will never forget how you made them feel.

— Maya Angelou

Heroes Journey has a large roster of change makers - experts, speakers, storytellers, celebrities, athletes, and more… who can speak at schools in any area of the country about relevant issues students face.

  • drug awareness
  • bullying
  • self-identification
  • motivation
  • body image
  • inclusion

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